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2001 NFL Draft

2001 NFL Draft Results


1. Atlanta Falcons (from San Diego) - Michael Vick, QB Virginia Tech
2. Arizona Cardinals - Leonard Davis, OT Texas
3. Cleveland Browns - Gerard Warren, DT Florida
4. Cincinnati Bengals - Justin Smith, DE Missouri
5. San Diego Chargers (from Atlanta) - LaDainian Tomlinson, RB Texas Christian
6. New England Patriots - Richard Seymour, DT Georgia
7. San Francisco 49ers (from Seattle from Dallas) - Andre Carter, DE California
8. Chicago Bears - David Terrell, WR Michigan
9. Seattle (from San Francisco), Koren Robinson - WR North Carolina State
10. Green Bay (from Seattle) - Jamal Reynolds, DE Florida State
11. Carolina Panthers - Dan Morgan, LB Miami
12. St. Louis Rams (from Kansas City) - Damione Lewis, DT Miami
13. Jacksonville Jaguars - Marcus Stroud, DT Georgia
14. Tampa Bay (from Buffalo) - Kenyatta Walker, OT Florida
15. Washington Redskins - Rod Gardner, WR Clemson
16. New York Jets (from Pittsburgh) - Santana Moss, WR Miami
17. Seattle Seahawks (from Green Bay) - Steve Hutchinson, G Michigan
18. Detroit Lions - Jeff Backus, G Michigan
19. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets) - Casey Hampton, DT Texas
20. St. Louis Rams - Adam Archuleta, S Arizona State
21. Buffalo Bills (from Tampa Bay) - Nate Clements, CB Ohio State
22. New York Giants (from Indianapolis) - Will Allen, CB Syracuse
23. New Orleans Saints - Deuce McAllister, RB Ole Miss
24. Denver Broncos - Willie Middlebrooks, CB Minnesota
25. Philadelphia Eagles - Freddie Mitchell, WR UCLA
26. Miami Dolphins - Jamar Fletcher, CB Wisconsin
27. Minnesota Vikings - Michael Bennett, RB Wisconsin
28. Oakland Raiders - Derrick Gibson, S Florida State
29. St. Louis Rams (from Tennessee) - Ryan Pickett, DE Ohio State
30. Indianapolis Colts (from New York Giants) - Reggie Wayne, WR Miami
31. Baltimore Ravens - Todd Heap, TE Arizona State

Round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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