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1927 Cleveland Bulldogs Team Roster


Before unlimited substitution was allowed, many players played on both sides of the ball. Offensive backs generally played defensive back, although some blocking backs played linebacker. Offensive linemen generally played on the defensive line or at linebacker. Players below are listed only by their primary position.

Roy Andrews, T
Carl Bacchus, E
Herm Bagby, FB
Al Bloodgood, TB
Hal Broda, E
Lester Caywood, T
Tom Cobb, T
Cookie Cunningham, E
Herb DeWitz, BB
Tiny Feather, FB
Benny Friedman, TB
Dosey Howard, G
Frank Kelley, WB
Jerry Krysl, T
Harry McGee, G
Lyle Munn, E
Bill Owen, T
Gordon Peery, BB
Proc Randels, E
Milt Rehnquist, G
Jim Simmons, WB
Clyde Smith, C
Rex Thomas, WB
Dutch Webber, E
Ossie Wiberg, BB
Dick Wolf, WB

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