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Annual NFL Awards

NFL Comeback Player of the Year


The Comeback Player of the Year Award as presented by the Associated Press!

1972 Earl Morrall, QB Miami
1973 Roman Gabriel, QB Philadelphia
1974 Joe Namath, QB NY Jets
1975 Dave Hampton, RB Atlanta
1976 Greg Landry, QB Detroit
1977 Craig Morton, QB Denver
1978 John Riggens, RB Washington
1979 Larry Csonka, RB Miami
1980 Jim Plunkett, QB Oakland
1981 Ken Anderson, QB Cincinnati
1982 Lyle Alzado, DE LA Raiders
1983 Billy Johnson, WR/PR Atlanta
1984 John Stallworth, WR Pittsburgh
1985 No Selection
1986 Tommy Kramer, QB Minnesota and Joe Montana, QB San Francisco
1987 Charles White, RB LA Rams
1988 Greg Bell, RB LA Rams
1989 Ottis Anderson, RB NY Giants
1990 Barry Word, RB Kansas City
1991 Jim McMahon, QB Philadelphia
1992 Randall Cunningham, QB Philadelphia
1993 Marcus Allen, RB Kansas City
1994 Dan Marino, QB Miami
1995 Jim Harbaugh, QB Indianapolis
1996 Jerome Bettis, RB Pittsburgh
1997 Robert Brooks, WR Green Bay
1998 Doug Flutie, QB Buffalo
1999 Bryant Young, DT San Francisco
2000 Joe Johnson, DE New Orleans
2001 Garrison Hearst, RB San Francisco
2002 Tommy Maddox, QB Pittsburgh
2003 Jon Kitna, QB, Cincinnati
2004 Drew Brees, QB San Diego
2005 Teddy Bruschi, LB New England and Steve Smith, WR Carolina
2006 Chad Pennington, QB New York Jets
2007 Greg Ellis, LB Dallas
2008 Chad Pennington, QB Miami
2009 Tom Brady, QB New England
2010 Michael Vick, QB Philadelphia
2011 Matthew Stafford, QB Detroit

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