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NFL Coach of the Year

1955 NFL Joe Kuharich Washington
1956 NFL Buddy Parker Detroit
1957 NFL Paul Brown Cleveland
1958 NFL Weeb Ewbank Baltimore Colts
1959 NFL Vince Lombardi Green Bay
1960 NFL Buck Shaw Philadelphia
AFL Lou Rymkus Houston Oilers
1961 NFL Allie Sherman NY Giants
AFL Wally Lemm Houston Oilers
1962 NFL Allie Sherman NY Giants
AFL Jack Faulkner Denver
1963 NFL George Halas Chicago
AFL Al Davis Oakland
1964 NFL Don Shula Baltimore Colts
AFL Lou Saban Buffalo
1965 NFL George Halas Chicago
AFL Lou Saban Buffalo
1966 NFL Tom Landry Dallas
AFL Mike Holovak Boston
1967 NFL George Allen LA Rams
AFL John Rauch Oakland
1968 NFL Don Shula Baltimore
AFL Hank Stram Kansas City
1969 NFL Bud Grant Minnesota
AFL Paul Brown Cincinnati
1970 NFC Alex Webster NY Giants
AFC Paul Brown Cincinnati
1971 NFC George Allen Washington
AFC Don Shula Miami
1972 NFC Dan Devine Green Bay
AFC Chuck Noll Pittsburgh
1973 NFC Chuck Knox LA Rams
AFC John Ralston Denver
1974 NFC Don Coryell St. Louis Cardinals
AFC Sid Gillman Houston Oilers
1975 NFC Tom Landry Dallas
AFC Ted Marchibroda Baltimore Colts
1976 NFC Jack Pardee Chicago
AFC Chuck Fairbanks New England
1977 NFC Leeman Bennett Atlanta
AFC Red Miller Denver
1978 NFC Dick Vermeil Philadelphia
AFC Walt Michaels NY Jets
1979 NFC Jack Pardee Washington
AFC Sam Rutigliano Cleveland
1980 NFC Leeman Bennett Atlanta
AFC Sam Rutigliano Cleveland
1981 NFC Bill Walsh San Francisco
AFC Forrest Gregg Cincinnati
1982 NFC Joe Gibbs Washington
AFC Tom Flores LA Raiders
1983 NFC John Robinson LA Rams
AFC Chuck Knox Seattle
1984 NFC Bill Walsh San Francisco
AFC Chuck Knox Seattle
1985 NFC Mike Ditka Chicago
AFC Raymond Berry New England
1986 NFC Bill Parcells NY Giants
AFC Marty Schottenheimer Cleveland
1987 NFC Jim Mora New Orleans
AFC Ron Meyer Indianapolis
1988 NFC Mike Ditka Chicago
AFC Marv Levy Buffalo
1989 NFC Lindy Infante Green Bay
AFC Dan Reeves Denver
1990 NFC Jimmy Johnson Dallas
AFC Art Shell LA Raiders
1991 NFC Wayne Fontes Detroit
AFC Dan Reeves Denver
1992 NFC Dennis Green Minnesota
AFC Bobby Ross San Diego
1993 NFC Dan Reeves NY Giants
AFC Marv Levy Buffalo
1994 NFC Dave Wannstedt Chicago
AFC Bill Parcells New England
1995 NFC Ray Rhodes Philadelphia
AFC Marty Schottenheimer Kansas City
1996 NFC Dom Capers Carolina
AFC Tom Coughlin Jacksonville
1997 NFL Jim Fassel NY Giants
1998 NFL Dan Reeves Atlanta
1999 NFL Dick Vermeil St. Louis
2000 NFL Jim Haslett New Orleans
2001 NFL Dick Jauron Chicago
2002 NFL Andy Reid Philadelphia
2003 NFL Bill Belichick New England
2004 NFL Marty Schottenheimer San Diego
2005 NFL Lovie Smith Chicago
2006 NFL Sean Payton New Orleans
2007 NFL Bill Belichick New England
2008 NFL Mike Smith Atlanta
2009 NFL Marvin Lewis Cincinnati
2010 NFL Bill Belichick New England
2011 NFL Jim Harbaugh San Francisco
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