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Michael Vick Photo Biography

A Pictorial Profile of Controversial Superstar Michael Vick


A superstar athlete who forces NFL teams to defend the quarterback position in ways that were rarely required before, Michael Vick has revolutionized the quarterback position because of the dual threat he brings to the game. Not only can he be effective throwing the ball with his cannon-like arm, he can shred a defense on the ground. With the mobility of a running back and the speed of a wide receiver, Vick is a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball if he is not contained in the pocket.

Michael Vick is also a controversial figure off the field, however, because of his involvement in an illegal dogfighting operation that resulted in his imprisonment and significant time away from the game.

So follow along as we take you on a pictorial biography of Michael Vick's career beginning with his days at Virginia Tech, leading through his legal issues, and on to his triumphant return to the game.

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Michael VickMichael Vick as a Redshirt Freshman at Virginia TechMichael VickMichael Vick's Sophomore Season at Virginia TechMichael VickMichael Vick Rookie SeasonMichael VickMichael Vick's Second NFL Season
Michael VickInjury Strikes Michael Vick in Year ThreeMichael VickMichael Vick From 2004 - 2006Michael VickMichael Vick Dogfighting ScandalMichael VickMichael Vick Returns to the NFL
Michael VickMichael Vick Back and Better Than Ever
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