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Dwayne Jarrett


Positional Rankings: QB RB FB WR TE OT OG C - DE DT ILB OLB S CB - K P

Position: Wide Receiver

School: USC

Status: Junior

Height: 6-5

Weight: 215

40-Yard Dash: 4.55 (EST)


Jarrett is a receiver with great size and leaping ability. Great corner-route and fade-route runner, especially in the red zone where those routes let him use his vertical ability to it's best. Jarrett is considered a playmaker-to-be by many draft analysts. He's a surprisingly good downfield blocker for a receiver of his type, using his hands well and avoiding planting his feet, an error made by most receivers asked to block.


Jarrett's biggest issues are that he has far from ideal speed, and as big he is, he doesn't play terribly physically, likely a result of playing against sub-par Pac-10 corners. Because of that combination, more physical corners will likely be able to shut him down in the NFL. His route-running and coverage judgment skills leave much to be desired as well. Jarrett has also displayed some potential character concerns recently, showing an immature and almost flippant attitude when it was recently suggested that he's not as ready for the NFL as some think he is.


Dwayne Jarrett is certainly an intriguing prospect, possessing rare size and the ability to take over a game. However, there are some concerns, most notably his speed, physicality, and some potential character issues. All in all, Jarrett will probably be one of the more touted receiving prospects on draft day, and will likely wind up somewhere in the middle of the first round, between the tenth and twentieth picks.
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