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Marcedes Lewis


Position: Tight End

School: UCLA

Status: Senior

Height: 6-6

Weight: 255

40-Yard Dash: 4.78 (EST)


Lewis has incredible athleticism for his size and excellent body control. His size makes him a great downfield target, especially with his ability to go up and get a ball. Lewis has the ability to line up in the slot as a wide receiver. He has probably the best hands of any tight end in the nation, rarely dropping a ball that comes his way. Also, he seems to be a very coachable player. Marcedes Lewis is very possibly the most well-rounded member of his position in the upcoming draft.


His blocking leaves something to be desired, but that's been a normal trend among tight ends as athletic as he is the last few years. He also has yet to display the ability to consistently take over a football game.


Lewis is an All-American candidate and was a selection to the second team of the All-Pac 10 squad last year. He was one of three John Mackey Award finalists (the award given to the top tight end in the nation) last season, and was the only one to return to the college ranks.

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