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Ronnie Brown



Running Back

School: Auburn

Status Senior





40-Yard Dash:

4.45 (est)


Despite sharing the load with Carnell Williams at Auburn, Ronnie Brown could very well be the most well-rounded running back in the 2005 NFL Draft. He's an explosive player who runs and catches the ball equally well, however, he doesn't get the attention he deserves because he played in the shadow of another very talented back. He is a punishing ball carrier who runs well inside, has the quickness to pop it outside on occasion, and gets yards after first contact.
He's also a great receiver and blocker who has the versatility to line up as a fullback or as a receiver in the slot. Lining up in the fullback position allowed the Auburn coaching staff to get him on the field more frequently, and also showcased his ability to pick up the blitz. Brown has excellent size, power, and quickness, and he is a very instinctive runner with good vision. As a receiver, Brown has good ball skills and adjusts well to the ball in the air and is dangerous after the catch.


Brown doesn't have the burst through the line that some of the other top prospects possess, and he displays just average elusiveness. And despite the fact that he has filled the void created by injury in the past, he has never been counted on completely as the No. 1 guy.


Brown's versatility fits the pro game very well and he should cause mismatches in the passing game. He may not have the explosiveness of teammate Carnell Williams or the power of Cedric Benson from Texas, but he has better all-around skills than either of them and in my opinion, will ultimately be more successful at the pro level. I could see Brown being selected anywhere from the early teens overall to the end of the first round.

College Stats :

In four seasons at Auburn, Ronnie Brown rushed 461 times for 2,641 yards (5.7 ypc) and 27 touchdowns. He also caught 49 passes for 619 yards and two touchdowns.

During his senior season, he rushed for 748 yards on 107 carries (7.0 ypc) and seven touchdowns. He also caught 25 passes for 264 yards and one TD.

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