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Tye Hill


Position: Cornerback

School: Clemson

Status: Senior

Height: 5-10

Weight: 180

40-Yard Dash: 4.40 (est)


Although Hill may not be getting the kind of press that fellow corners Jimmy Williams and Jason Allen get, he should be. Hill is having no problem replacing Justin Miller at Clemson. He has developed into a very solid corner with plenty of room to improve.
His incredible potential has been verified over the past two years with back-to-back most improved player awards in his only two years playing defensive back. Hill was the ACC 100m champ in track and the second fastest player in the country last year! Also led the nation in passes defensed last year with 21. Given Hill's speed, aggression, and still budding skills as a corner, he should rise up draft boards with every game he plays.


Does not have ideal size. New breed of corners are over 6 feet and 200-plus pounds. Can be outleaped and outworked for the ball. While his aggression has served his stats well (school record 21 passes defensed) this makes him more prone to mistakes, although rarely on deep balls.


Bottom line is that Hill is on his third year as a defensive back. His speed is world class and he has faced similar competition. His raw skills and potential alone should net him plenty of attention from scouts. Right now I list him as a second-round pick with ample time to move up.
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