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Basic Football Skills

Throwing, catching, blocking, carrying, and kicking the ball. Instruction on all the basic football skills.

Video: How to Block
Learn to safely and effectively block your opponent.Video

See What You Hit
Describes the importance of seeing what you hit when making a tackle in football.

Video: How to Tackle
You never want to be in a situation where your tackle hurts yourself and others. Learn how to secure a safe and effective tackle.

How To Throw a Football
How to throw the football properly. 4 tips for quarterbacks on developing a successful throwing technique.

How to Catch a Football
This article provides insight into the basic fundamentals of catching a football. It is beneficial for wide receivers, running backs, or anyone else who might end up catching the ball on the football field.

Video: How to Kick a Field Goal
From footwork to positioning, there's a lot to keep straight when kicking a field goal. Learn a couple things to keep in mind when kicking a field goal.

What is a Football?
What is a football? What is it made of? How big is a football?

Video: How to Throw a Spiral
Nailing down the basics of throwing will ensure that you play your best game. Learn the proper technique to throw a spiral football.

How to Break Up a Pass
The proper technique for a defensive back to break up a pass.

How to Not Fumble
Learn the proper way to carry a football to avoid putting it on the ground.

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