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Position Profiles

About Football outlines the skills needed to play each position on the football field and the duties each entails.

What is a Defensive Lineman?
What is a defensive lineman, what do they do, and what makes a good defensive line.

How to Play Defensive Tackle
Full description of what a defensive tackle does on the football field, as well as the basics of how to play.

How To Play Wide Receiver
Fundamentals of the wide receiver position in football, including who should play, where they line up, and how to improve as a wide receiver.

How to Play Defensive End
Full detail on how to play defensive end. Includes stance, read, alignment, and pass rush technique.

What is a Linebacker?
Basics of the linebacker position in football. Includes information on alignment, who should play, and what they do.

How to Play Will Linebacker
Instructional piece on how to play Will linebacker, including alignment, assignments, and key/read. Also includes information on who should play Will linebacker.

Linebacker Positions
Breakdown of each of the 3 main linebacker positions in football. Included are links to "how to play" each of the three linebacker positions.

How to Play Mike Linebacker
General description of how to play middle linebacker (mike), including alignment, assignment, and key.

Strong Safety vs. Free Safety
This article describes the difference between the strong safety and free safety positions in football.

How to Play Cornerback
What is a cornerback and what do they do? Different techniques are covered, including man-to-man, press coverage, zone/bail technique. Included are details about what makes a good cornerback.

How To Play Sam Linebacker
Alignment and assignment for playing Sam linebacker, as well as their run and pass read.

What Is a Nickel Back?
Describes the football position of nickel back. Includes information on who should play nickel back and when the nickel package is used in football.

What is a Defensive Back?
Description of the defensive backfield, or secondary in football.

How to Play Strong Safety
Includes the basics of playing strong safety, including the alignment, assignment, and read, as well as who should play strong safety.

How to Play Free Safety
Jobe Lewis, a former safety out of New Mexico State, explains how to play the free safety position.

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