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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills' Offense Wishes on a Star, Gets Sucked into Black Hole

By Andrew Miller, Buffalo Bills Correspondent

The other major sore spot of this game was the knack of the special teams to shoot themselves in the foot. One punt return and one kickoff return, both of which put Buffalo deep into Oakland territory, were called back because of holding penalties. The pass to Terrance McGee from Punter Brian Moorman was a bright spot, but that was made possible by an illegal touching penalty, when McGee downed the ball on the 4-yard line after running 20 yards downfield while out of bounds. The penalty forced a re-kick, but McGee was all alone on the left side of the formation and caught a pass for 24 yards that resulted in a first down.

On Buffalo's last possession of the game, they made things interesting with a 65-yard bomb to Lee Evans on fourth and 18. Then, with 1:27 remaining in the game, Bledsoe got the ball to Moulds in the endzone off the hands of Oakland DB Ray Buchannan. There was ample time to recover an on-side kick and move into field goal range to tie. Alas, that wasn't in the stars as rookie safety Rashad Baker whiffed on the on-side kick and Joey Porter recovered it, securing the "Romulan's," I mean the Raider's win.

I would say that if the speed or ability of Lee Evans to get open was in question, that should have been answered after he got behind the prevent defense of an excellent, veteran Oakland defensive backfield. So, why did it take until late in the fourth quarter for Buffalo to go deep?

I won't pretend to have all the answers for Buffalo's offensive woes, but it doesn't take the brainpower of Mr. Spock to know that someone had better figure it out before this team reaches the event horizon and the season is "lost in space" forever.

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