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About the Arizona Cardinals


Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals

National Football League

Arizona Cardinals Essentials:

Home Town: Glendale, Arizona (suburb of Phoenix)
Colors: Cardinal Red, Black, and White
Mascot: Big Red

Owner: Bill Bidwell
President: Michael Bidwell
General Manager: Rod Graves
Head Coach: Ken Whisenhunt

Brief History of the Arizona Cardinals:

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest continuously run professional football franchise in the NFL, having formed in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago. Originally located in Normal Park on Chicago's Racine Avenue, the team changed its name to the Racine Normals in 1899. They finally adopted the nickname of Cardinals after the team started wearing uniforms inherited from the University of Chicago that were a faded maroon color. The reddish uniforms prompted then owner Charlie O'Brien to label them as "Cardinal Red", thus the Cardinals moniker was coined.

In 1920, the club became a charter member of the NFL and in 1922 once again changed their name, this time to the Chicago Cardinals. In 1960 the franchise pulled up roots and moved south to St. Louis where they played for the next 28 seasons.

In 1988, the Cardinals headed west to Arizona, where they were known as the Phoenix Cardinals until opting to change their name to the Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

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Franchise Genealogy at a Glance:

Founded: Morgan Athletic Club (1898)
Name Change: Racine Normals (1899-1900)
Name Change: Racine Cardinals (1901-1906, reformed 1913-1919)
Name Change: Chicago Cardinals (1922-1959)
Location Change: St. Louis Cardinals (1960-1987)
Location Change: Phoenix Cardinals (1988-1993)
Name Change: Arizona Cardinals (1994-present)
Cardinals Genealogy in Depth


First NFL Championship: 1925
Last NFL Championship: 1947
Other NFL Championships: None
More on the Cardinals NFL Championships

Hall of Famers:

Charles W. Bidwill, Sr. (1933-1947)
Guy Chamberlin (1927-1928)
Jimmy Conzelman (1940-1942, 1946-1948)
Dan Dierdorf (1971-1983)
John (Paddy) Driscoll (1920-1925)
Walt Kiesling (1929-1933)
Earl (Curly) Lambeau (1950-1951)
Dick (Night Train) Lane (1954-1959)
Ollie Matson (1952, 1954-1958)
Don Maynard (1973)
Ernie Nevers (1929-1931)
Jackie Smith (1963-1977)
Emmitt Smith (2003-04)
Jim Thorpe (1928)
Charley Trippi (1947-1955)
Roger Wehrli (1969-1982)
Larry Wilson (1960-1972)
More on the Cardinals Hall of Famers

Ring of Honor:

Charles Bidwill
Jimmy Conzelman
Dan Dierdorf
John "Paddy" Driscoll
Marshall Goldberg
Dick "Night Train" Lane
Ollie Matson
Ernie Nevers
Charley Trippi
Roger Wehrli
Larry Wilson
Pat Tillman
Aeneas Williams

Retired Numbers:

8 - Larry Wilson (St. Louis)
40 - Pat Tillman (Arizona)
77 - Stan Mauldin (Chicago)
88 - J.V. Cain (St. Louis)
99 - Marshall Goldberg (Chicago)
More on the Cardinals Retired Uniform Numbers

Home Stadiums (since 1920):

Normal Park (1920-1921), (1926-1928)
Comiskey Park (1922-1925), (1929-1958)
Soldier Field and Metropolitan Stadium (1959)
Busch Stadium (1960-1965)
Busch Memorial Stadium (1966-1987)
Sun Devil Stadium (1988-2005)
University of Phoenix Stadium (2006 - present)
More on the Cardinals Stadiums

Current Stadium Stats:

Name: University of Phoenix Stadium
Opened: August 12, 2006
Capacity: 63,000
Defining Feature(s): Retractable roof, fully retractable natural grass playing surface

Head Coaches:

Paddy Driscoll (1920-1922)
Arnold Horween (1923-1924)
Norman Barry (1925-1926)
Guy Chamberlin (1927)
Fred Gillies (1928)
Dewey Scanlon (1929)
Ernie Nevers (1929-1930)
LeRoy Andrews (1931)
Jack Chevigny (1932)
Paul Schissler (1933-1934)
Milan Creighton (1935-1938)
Ernie Nevers (1939)
Jimmy Conzelman (1940-1942)
Phil Handler (1943-1945)
Jimmy Conzelman (1946-1948)
Curly Lambeau (1950-1951)
Phil Handler (1951)
Joe Kuharich (1952)
Joe Stydahar (1953-1954)
Ray Richards (1955-1957)
Pop Ivy (1958-1961)
Wally Lemm (1962-1965)
Charley Winner (1966-1970)
Bob Hollway (1971-1972)
Don Coryell (1973-1977)
Bud Wilkinson (1978-1979)
Larry Wilson (interim) (1979)
Jim Hanifan (1980-1985)
Gene Stallings (1986-1989)
Hank Kuhlmann (interim) (1989)
Joe Bugel (1990-1993)
Buddy Ryan (1994-1995)
Vince Tobin (1996-1999)
Dave McGinnis (2000-2003)
Dennis Green (2004-2006)
Ken Whisenhunt (2007-present)
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