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Philadelphia Eagles 2008 Preview


Updated June 23, 2008

2007 Record: 8-8

2007 Rankings
Rushing: 8th (123.4)
Passing: 10th (234.7)
Total Offense: 6th (358.1)

Run Defense: 7th (95.8)
Pass Defense: 18th (215.6)
Total Defense: 10th (311.4)

What was the Eagles’ best/worst move during the offseason?
The Eagles added another quality starter to their young defense by signing free agent cornerback Asante Samuel. And by not moving Lito Sheppard during the offseason, as they were heavily rumored to be trying to do, they now possess some very good depth in their defensive backfield.

The worst move they made was not bringing in a true No. 1 receiver to complement Kevin Curtis, who is best suited for the No. 2 role. This seems to be an annual need for the Eagles, but they always seem to miss out on finding a guy who can take their passing game to the next level.

What needs to go right for the Eagles to succeed this season?
Quarterback Donovan McNabb must stay healthy, but there is reason for a little bit of concern as the veteran is already battling tendinitis in his shoulder. Kevin Kolb may be the quarterback of the future for this franchise, but they are just too close to contention right now to turn the team over to an inexperienced quarterback when they have a guy who has proven capable of taking the team deep into the playoffs on multiple occasions.

Who can the Eagles least afford to lose on offense/defense?
Donovan McNabb does so many things that he doesn’t get credit for, and is invaluable to the team. But the Eagles’ offense is built around the versatility of Brian Westbrook and if he should go down, the team would be in a world of hurt. They do have some depth at the position, but no one with Westbrook’s explosiveness waiting in the wings.

Other than defensive end Trent Cole, the Eagles didn’t really get a consistent pass rush from any of their other defenders.. The addition of Chris Clemons from Oakland during the offseason should help somewhat in that regard, but Cole is still the guy who will be leaned on most to pressure opposing quarterbacks.

Where will the Eagles finish the 2008 NFL season?
The Eagles are still a very talented team and should give the Dallas Cowboys some competition for the division title this year if they stay healthy. However, I think they will come up just a little short and finish second in the division at 10-6.

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