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Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons joined the NFL in 1965 as an expansion franchise and began play in 1966 in the NFL's Western Conference. Today they continue operating in the NFC South Division. The following library of Atlanta Falcons resources provide information on the franchise, players, team history, and trivia!

Franchise Profile
Includes franchise facts, along with a brief history of the Atlanta Falcons. Profile includes stadium information, franchise genealogy, past NFL championships, Hall of Famers, retired numbers, former stadiums, and former head coaches.

Meet the Falcons
Take a pictorial tour of the roster with profiles and pictures of all the key members of the team. Each page of this album features a different member of the squad, and includes a brief outline of his contributions to the team.

Hall of Famers
The Falcons haven't produced a tremendous number of Hall of Famers. In fact, only one player currently enshrined in Canton spent a significant portion of his career with the franchise. But there were a couple others who spent time on their roster.

Ring of Honor
From William Andrews to Jeff Van Note, the Falcons have issued their franchise's highest honor to a number of their all-time greats.

Atlanta Falcons Playoff History
Check out the results of all the Atlanta Falcons playoff games throughout their history.

Atlanta Falcons Draft History
A list of every draft pick made by the Falcons.

Stadiums Over the Years
The Falcons have had just two homes since 1966.

Atlanta Falcons Trivia
This quiz will test the knowledge of any football trivia buff with an array of questions covering the players, coaches, and even the mascot of the Falcons franchise.

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