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2010 New York Jets

An Illustrated Profile of the 2010 New York Jets


Winners of five-of-their-last-six games in 2009, the New York Jets managed to slip into last season's playoffs as a wild card. Because of inconsistency throughout much of the season, many regarded their presence in the postseason as a fluke. Regardless, the team looks to build on that late-season success by taking the next step to championship contender.

The Jets are a popular preseason pick to make the leap to the elite level, and for good reason. They led the league defensively in 2009, and they made some bold moves during the offseason. And like their head coach, Rex Ryan, they aren't lacking in confidence.

New York also had the best rushing attack last year, but some key components -- running backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, along with offensive lineman Alan Faneca -- are no longer with the team.

The question now is how will the moves affect the team in 2010, as well as how well will second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez continue to develop in Ryan's second year with the team?

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Mark SanchezQuarterback Mark SanchezLaDainian TomlinsonRunning Back LaDainian TomlinsonShonn GreeneRunning Back Shonn GreeneBraylon EdwardsWide Receiver Braylon Edwards
Santonio HolmesWide Receiver Santonio HolmesDustin KellerTight End Dustin KellerDarrelle RevisCornerback Darrelle RevisCalvin PaceLinebacker Calvin Pace
Bart ScottLinebacker Bart ScottDavid HarrisLinebacker David HarrisKris JenkinsNose Tackle Kris JenkinsRex RyanHead Coach Rex Ryan
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