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Carolina Panthers


Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

National Football League

Carolina Panthers Essentials:

Home Town: Charlotte, North Carolina
Owner: Jerry Richardson

Brief History of the Carolina Panthers
Founded: October 26, 1993 by Jerry Richardson

First NFL Championship: N/A
Last NFL Championship: N/A
Other NFL Championships: None

NFC Championship(s): 2003

Panthers NFL Draft History | Playoff History

Hall of Famers:

Retired Numbers:

51 - Sam Mills

Home Stadiums:

Memorial Stadium, Clemson (1995)
Bank of America Stadium (1996-present) - (known as Ericsson Stadium from 1996-2004)

Current Stadium Stats:

Name: Bank of America Stadium
Opened: 1996
Capacity: 73,298
Defining Feature(s): The first large scale project funded and constructed in the United States using mostly personal seat licenses.

Team Colors:

Black, Panther Blue, and Silver

Head Coaches:

Dom Capers (1995-1998)
George Seifert (1999-2001)
John Fox (2002-present)
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