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Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Profile


The Stats:

Regular Season Record: 10-6
Last Six Games: 3-3

All-Time Playoff Record: 28-19
Steelers' Previous Playoff Results

The Team:

Team Colors: Black and Gold
Head Coach: Mike Tomlin
Owner: Dan Rooney
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Offensive Ranking:

Run: 3rd (135.5)
Pass: 22nd (191.9)
Overall: 17th (327.4)
Points Per Game: 9th (24.6)
Key Player: Ben Roethlisberger
With Willie Parker lost to a broken leg, even more of the offensive attack will come through Roethlisberger, who put together a fine regular season in which he posted a 104.1 passer rating. In fact, this was probably his best season yet, and even at his young age, he has the experience to get the job done under extreme pressure. He already has one ring to prove it.

Defensive Ranking:

Run: 3rd (89.9)
Pass: 3rd (176.5)
Overall: 1st (266.4)
Points Per Game: 2nd (16.8)
Key Players: Travis Kirschke and Nick Eason
These two guys have been filling in for defensive end Aaron Smith, who was lost to injury late in the season. Since that time, the Steelers have had trouble stopping the run, and someone needs to step up and pick up the slack left by the loss of their best defensive lineman.


Give Aways: 22
Take Aways: 25


About three quarters of the way through the season, the Steelers looked like the AFC's best chance at knocking off the Patriots, but since that time the wheels have fallen off somewhat. They've lost their best running back in Willie Parker, their best defensive lineman in Aaron Smith, and their starting left tackle in Marvel Smith.

They still have the talent and experience to make some noise in the playoffs, but these injuries really put a dent in their chances at getting on a roll and winning it all.

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