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Five Gifts Your Football Player Will Love


Whatever the age of your gridiron star, here are 5 gifts he will love, whether he's in season or out of season.  

  1. Under Armour Youth Pursuit Glove   Price:  $20

These gloves protect the hands from the minor dings and cuts that happen duing the game. They also help provide a solid grip on the pigskin in different weather conditions.   This pair utilizes Under Armour's HeatGear® technology, which keeps the hands cool and dry in high heat conditions.

   2.  Nike Vision Eye Shield    Price:  $45        

Guard the eyes from debris and sunglare during heated competition.  Of course, a good visor also adds to your future hall-of-famer's on the field image.  This one from Nike is even coated for scratch and fog resistance. 

   3.  Rawlings Zoombang Padded Shirt     Price: $65

This is a compression shirt that provides added padding underneath the shoulder pads.  According to Rawlings, the shirts are worn by over 250 NFL football players, and utilized by 23 NFL Teams.  This is good extra padding without creating more bulk or weight on the overall uniform. 

   4.  Mueller No Glare Eye Strips    Price: $15 (144 in a pack)

Designed to replace the messy "eye black" that originally was used to reduce glare.  Although today there are a few different motivations for using eye black, these strips definitely reduce the mess.  Simply peel off the back, and place under the eyes.  One pair should last a whole game or practice. 

   5 . Adidas Elite Team Medium Duffle Bag     Price: $25-$35

This medium sized bag is a great way to carry all the accessories that go along with the game of football.  It's not big enough to carry his shoulder pads, but should accomodate everything else he needs to tote along.  This one even has a lined pocket for wet shoes that keeps everything else in the bag dry after a wet game or practice.

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