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Readers Respond: What is the Worst Football Team Name You Have Ever seen?

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From the article: NFL's Lame Names
As an immature teenager, I always got a kick out of a couple of the monikers of teams my hometown faced. For instance, there were the Fisher (IL) Bunnies.


There is actually a high school football team in Illinois that calls themselves the Bunnies.

Now that I've grown into an immature adult, it still brings a grin to my face to think about big, burly, sweaty football players charging onto the gridiron with the nickname "Bunnies" tattooed across their chests.

Then there are the Hoopeston Cornjerkers, a name that paints a ridiculously funny image, although there is some historical significance to it.


The Rhode Island School of Design has a hockey team called the RISD Nads. When they're on the ice the crowd chants Go NADS! Go NADS!
—Guest Felicity

Worst High School Sports names

How about the Hutto (TX) Hippos? Southern Illinois Salukis? Port Lavaca Sand Crabs? Van Vandals?
—Guest Tweeter

Bad high school names

Mesquite High Mosquitoes - Mesquite, Texas Chickasha High Chicks - Chickasha, Oklahoma Buttsavage Junior High - Pasadena California Dickwinger High - somewhere in Mantoba, Canada
—Guest Yah Bro

funny team name

For state volleyball, played Grand Island (Nebraska) Islanders..
—Guest megbegz

Hill Billies

A team I played against in high school had the name Pleasant Hill Billies in Oregon
—Guest Steven

Team name

Went to Effingham IL high school We were the Effingham Flaming Hearts.
—Guest Effinghamer

N.B Unicorns

Yes I come from there also! Lol I was just jokin with a friend the other day that was my mascot when she said she was going to bed n off 2 the land of rainbows n unicorns! Lol
—Guest Chris


i went to New Braunfels High School, go UNICORNS!!!!!
—Guest ricolie


Had my family not moved to Tennessee, I would have been a Freeport(IL) Pretzels!
—Guest lane

Upper Penninsula

There is a school in the UP of Michigan called the Watersmeet Nimrods
—Guest Steve


Rocky ford, colorado. Famous for growing melons. The meloneers.
—Guest Kel-Y


Brad Adams hit it on the head. The Poca High School Dots in West Virginia.
—Guest Adam BradZ


My H.S. was the George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science in Philadelphia, PA. Our team name was The Engineers...and our mascot was Pegasus.. yes, THAT Pegasus
—Guest Joe

Awesome Blossums Ha

Hahahahahaha Awesome blossums suck. They're the worst football team and the gayest.
—Guest goodhue

A handful of contenders

Frankfort (IN) Hot Dogs Scottsdale (AZ) CC Artichokes Bagdad (AZ) 40 Thieves (later changed to the Sultans, since the team took their nickname literally on road trips) Johnstown (NY) Sir Bills Salesianium (DE) Sallies

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