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Football 101 - Understanding the Basics of the 5-2 Defense

Defensive Formations - The 5-2 Defense


5-2 Defensive Formation

5-2 Defensive Formation

James Alder
The 5-2 defense is a basic defensive formation in the game of football. The alignment features five down lineman and two linebackers in the front seven, thus the name 5-2.

If you take a look at the illustration on the right, you will see a diagram outlining the 5-2 defense. The Os in the diagram represent offensive players while the Xs represent the placement of the defensive players.

Notice the lowest row of Xs near the line of scrimmage (imaginary line seperating the offense and defense). You have two defensive ends (DE), one on each end of the line, and three defensive tackles (DT) in between. Behind the defensive line are two linebackers (LB).

Two cornerbacks (CB), one on each side of the field, line up to cover the wide receivers. There are also two safeties. The exact position of the defensive backs (cornerbacks and safeties) depends on the type of pass coverage they are in.

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