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Football 101 - The Basics of Football


Pick up the basics of football, from the object of the game and the various ways to score, to the layout of the football field. You'll also find some of the basic terminology that is associated with the game.

The game of football can seem very confusing if you don't know the rules, but actually, the basics of football are very simple. Check out the following sections and you'll be watching football like an expert in no time.

Keep in mind, these instructions are written for the person with little or no football knowledge.

The Field
Learn the dimensions of the playing field as well as many of the basic terms associated with a football field.

The Teams
Each team is comprised of an offense, defense, and special teams. Check out the basic functions of each unit along with their fundamental responsibilities.

Object of the Game
Organized chaos? What are those guys running around on the field trying to accomplish?

Beginning the Game
Know what's going on right from the opening kickoff!

Down and Distance
This is the key! If you can get a grasp on this section, the rest of the game will come with time!

Methods of Scoring
Learn all the different ways to put points on the scoreboard!

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