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Maxwell Award Winners


The Maxwell Award, named in honor of legendary college football player and columnist Robert W. (Tiny) Maxwell, is awarded annually to the College Football Player of the Year.

2011 2010 Cam Newton, Auburn
2009 Colt McCoy, Texas
2008 Tim Tebow, Florida
2007 Tim Tebow, Florida
2006 Brady Quinn, Notre Dame
2005 Vince Young, Texas
2004 Jason White, Oklahoma
2003 Eli Manning, Ole Miss
2002 Larry Johnson, Penn State
2001 Ken Dorsey, Miami (Fla)
2000 Drew Brees, Purdue
1999 Ron Dayne, Wisconsin
1998 Ricky Williams, Texas
1997 Peyton Manning, Tennessee
1996 Danny Wuerffel, Florida
1995 Eddie George, Ohio State
1994 Kerry Collins, Penn State
1993 Charlie Ward, Florida State
1992 Gino Torretta, Miami (Fla)
1991 Desmond Howard, Michigan
1990 Ty Detmer, Brigham Young
1989 Anthony Thompson, Indiana
1988 Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State
1987 Don McPherson, Syracuse
1986 Vinny Testaverde, Miami (Fla)
1985 Chuck Long, Iowa
1984 Doug Flutie, Boston College
1983 Mike Rozier, Nebraska
1982 Herschel Walker, Georgia
1981 Marcus Allen, USC
1980 Hugh Green, Pittsburgh
1979 Charles White, USC
1978 Charles Fusina, Penn State
1977 Ross Browner, Notre Dame
1976 Tony Dorsett, Pittsburgh
1975 Archie Griffin, Ohio State
1974 Steve Joachim, Temple
1973 John Cappelletti, Penn State
1972 Brad Van Pelt, Michigan State
1971 Ed Marinaro, Cornell
1970 Jim Plunkett, Stanford
1969 Mike Reid, Penn State
1968 O.J. Simpson, USC
1967 Gary Beban, UCLA
1966 James R. Lynch, Notre Dame
1965 Tommy Nobis, Jr., Texas
1964 Glenn Ressler, Penn State
1963 Roger Staubach, Navy
1962 Terry Baker, Oregon State
1961 Robert E. Ferguson, Ohio State
1960 Joseph Bellino, Navy
1959 Richard J. Lucas, Penn State
1958 Peter J. Dawkins, U.S. Military Academy
1957 Robert H. Reifsnyder, Navy
1956 Tom McDonald, Oklahoma
1955 Howard Cassidy, Ohio State
1954 Ronald Beagle, Navy
1953 John Lattner, Notre Dame
1952 John Lattner, Notre Dame
1951 Dick Kazmaier, Princeton
1950 Francis J. Bagnell, Pennsylvania
1949 Leon Hart, Notre Dame
1948 Charles Bednarik, Pennsylvania
1947 Doak Walker, Southern Methodist
1946 Charles Trippi, Georgia
1945 Felix A. Blanchard, U.S. Military Academy
1944 Glenn Davis, U.S. Military Academy
1943 Robert H. Odell, Pennsylvania
1942 Paul V. Governali, Columbia
1941 Bill Dudley, Virginia
1940 Tom Harmon, Michigan
1939 Niles C. Kinnick, Iowa
1938 Davey O'Brien, Texas Christian
1937 Clinton E. Frank, Yale

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