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Top 5 Football Magazines


There are tons of football magazines sitting on the shelves of drug stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores everywhere these days, so how do you decide which one is the best? Being the football nut that I am, I've subscribed to a fair share of them myself over the years. Here are five of my favorites, ranked by the quality and accuracy of the content.

1) "Pro Football Weekly"

"Pro Football Weekly" is recognized as a leading authority in the world of football, especially the NFL. Get the inside scoop from some of the best columnists in the business, including Hub Arkush and Joel Buchsbaum, 32 times per year. Regular features include previews, inside information, statistics, and much more!
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2) "Insider Football News"

"Insider Football News" is dedicated to complete coverage of the NFL. Each year you get 20 issues filled with feature stories, columns, statistics, scores, schedules, and analysis. This guide to the game of football will turn you into an expert in no time!
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3) "ESPN: The Magazine"

Recognized as a leader in the world of sports news, ESPN has transferred its great college and pro football coverage to this bi-weekly magazine. Each issue includes information on match-ups, players profiles, Q & A's, reader's response columns and much more. "ESPN: The Magazine" provides great coverage of all sports!

4) "The Sporting News"

Known more for their comprehensive coverage of baseball, "The Sporting News" offers great in-season coverage of college and pro football. This is a great weekly magazine, although coverage during the off-season can be light.

5) "Football Digest"

This is an economical, yet informative magazine for the football nut in your house. As a monthly magazine, "Football Digest" offers in-depth coverage at a lower cost than the weekly magazines.
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