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2001 NFL Draft
Second-Day Coverage - Seventh Round

April 22, 2001

NFL Draft
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
201. San Diego Chargers
Brandon Gorin - OT Purdue

202. Arizona Cardinals
Renaldo Hill - CB Michigan State

203. Cleveland Browns
Paul Zukauskas - G Boston College

204. Cincinnati Bengals
T.J. Houshmandzadeh - WR Oregon State

205. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Atlanta)
Dauntae Finger - TE North Carolina

206. New York Jets (from New England)
James Reed - DT Iowa State

207. Dallas Cowboys
Colston Weatherington - DE Central Missouri State

208. Chicago Bears
John Capel - WR Florida

209. San Francisco 49ers
Alex Lincoln - LB Auburn

210. Seattle Seahawks (from Seattle)
Harold Blackmon - CB Northwestern

211. Carolina Panthers
Louis Williams - G Louisiana State

212. Kansas City Chiefs
Shaunard Harts - S Boise State

213. Jacksonville Jaguars
Anthony Denman - LB Notre Dame

214. Buffalo Bills
Reggie Germany - WR Ohio State

215. Atlanta Falcons (from Washington via Denver)
Corey Hall - S Appalachian State

216. New England Patriots (from Detroit)
Owen Pochman - K Brigham Young

217. New York Jets
Situpe Peko - C Michigan State

218. Pittsburgh Steelers
Chris Taylor - WR Texas A&M

219. Atlanta Falcons (from Green Bay via Denver)
Kynan Forney - G Hawaii

220. Indianapolis Colts
Rick DeMulling - G Idaho

221. New Orleans Saints
Ennis Davis - DT USC

222. Seattle Seahawks (from St. Louis via Green Bay and San Francisco)
Dennis Norman - OT Princeton

223. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Than Merril - S Yale

224. San Francisco 49ers (from Miami via Washington)
Eric Johnson - TE Yale

225. Minnesota Vikings
Brian Crawford - OT Western Oregon

226. Atlanta Falcons (from Denver)
Ronald Flemons - DE Texas A&M

227. Carolina Panthers
Mike Roberg - TE Idaho

228. Oakland Raiders
Derek Combs - RB Ohio State

229. Oakland Raiders (from Tennessee)
Ken-Yon Rambo - WR Ohio State

230. New York Giants
Ross Kolodziej - DE Wisconsin

231. Baltimore Ravens
Dwayne Missouri - DE Northwestern

232. Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)
Keith Adams - LB Clemson

233. Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory selection)
Marlon McCree - S Kentucky

234. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensatory selection)
Joe Tafoya - DE Arizona

235. Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory selection)
Richmond Flowers - WR Tennessee-Chattanooga

236. Atlanta Falcons (compensatory selection)
Dustin McClintock - FB Alabama

237. Seattle Seahawks (compensatory selection)
Kris Kocurek - DT Texas Tech

238. Buffalo Bills (compensatory selection)
Tyrone Robertson - DT Hinds C.C.

239. New England Patriots (compensatory selection)
T.J. Turner - LB Michigan State

240. Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)
John Nix - DT Southern Mississippi

241. Jacksonville Jaguars (compensatory selection)
Randy Chevrier - DT McGill

242. Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)
Char-Ron Dorsey - OT Florida State

243. Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory selection)
Terdell Sands - DT Tennessee-Chatanooga

244. San Diego Chargers (compensatory selection)
Robert Carswell - S Clemson

245. Cleveland Browns (compensatory selection)
Andre King - WR Miami

246. Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)
Tevita Ofahenqaua - TE Brigham Young

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