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Punt Return Team Need a Boost?

Build the ‘Brick Wall’ for Special Teams Success


Brick Wall Punt Return

Brick Wall - Rocko Call

Sean McCormick

The Brick Wall punt return is easy to install and can vastly improve your team's return yardage.

Rocko & Leo

If the coach calls Rocko, the punt return is to the right side of the field. If the coach calls Leo, the punt return is the left side of the field.

Building the Brick Wall

L1 & R1 - These players are responsible for keeping the 'bullets' (punt coverage players aligned the widest) from sprinting down field to make the tackle. They align to the inside shoulder of the bullets, and bump-and-run with them all the way down the field. L1 and R1 are not to allow the bullets to get to the inside.

L2 & R2 - These players are responsible for rushing the punter. If the kicker successfully punts the ball, and Rocko is the return call, the L2 continue running to the right side of the field. He turns up field and runs behind wall as it is being set up. He will block anyone trailing the punt returner after the returner runs behind the wall. R2 will do the same if Leo is the return call.

L4 & R4 - These players are the return team's linebackers and must make sure there is no fake punt. As the ball is punted, they will run to set up the beginning of the wall.

Interior Line - These players will fire out and make contact with the punt team's blockers, making certain there is no punt fake. They will quickly release and run to the designated areas down field, turn and look for an opponent to block. When creating the wall, these players should be no farther than five yards apart.

LR & RR - These are the punt returners. The player not receiving the punt will lead the way to the wall for the punt returner.

Coaching Points

  • Remind the nose tackle he cannot hit the center while he is snapping the ball. Some leagues protect the center totally, while others will allow the center to be hit after he lifts his head up and is looking forward. (Check league rules.)
  • Make certain the interior line and the return team's linebackers do not leave too early to go down field to block. A tendency like that will lead to the opposition being successful when running a fake punt.
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