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Fullback Trap Changes Offensive Tempo

Quick-Hitter Leaves Defenses Flat-Footed, Looking for Football


Fullback Trap

Fullback Trap Play

Sean McCormick

It's no secret the I-Formation tailback is a team's primary rushing threat. Developing a successful fullback trap to the weak side keeps the defense from keying on the tailback.

Inside Trap

The play side guard will fire out to block the linebacker instead of the defensive lineman closest to his outside shoulder. This sets up the defender to be trap-blocked by the pulling strong side guard.

Other Blocking Assignments

Play Side Tackle - He blocks the defensive lineman nearest to his outside shoulder.

Center - The center fires out to block the nose tackle.

Strong Side Tackle and Tight End - They double team the defensive lineman facing the tackle. The tight end then scrapes off block and runs to block second level defender.

Receivers - The split end and slot receiver will run toward the middle of the field and look for a safety to block.

Backfield Assignments

Quarterback - After receiving the snap, the quarterback takes a quick step back with the non-play side foot. Then, he opens play side and hands off to the fullback. He will fake to the tailback, and roll out opposite play side.

Fullback - The fullback receives hand off and follows block of the pulling guard.

Tailback - He will carry out fake from quarterback and run to the spot vacated by the pulling guard.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure the quarterback takes the quick step backward before opening play side for the hand off. He must get out of the way of the pulling guard.
  • If the defensive lineman's stunt puts him on the inside of the play side guard, the guard will block him. The pulling guard must adjust and turn down field to block a linebacker.
  • Use the counter sweep to set up this play, as the linebacker read of the fullback is similar.
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