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BCS vs. Playoff System



• Creates a playoff atmosphere throughout the season.
• Uses the traditional college bowl games

• Decides the better team in head-to-head competition.
• Would be easy to implement using the current system of Bowl games.
• Would create a lot of interest and excitement in post-season play.
• Would eliminate, or at least limit, doubt or controversy.
• The majority of fans seem to want it.
• A playoff system seems to work just fine in I-AA, II and III.
• It's the only fair way to decide who the best team is.
• Adding another Bowl game to hold a true national championship game would generate millions of dollars.


• Allows the National Champions to be crowned based on statistics and personal opinion.
• Produces a controversial champion as often as it produces an undisputed winner.
• One off game can eliminate a team from contention.
• Smaller non-BCS conferences are at a disadvantage.

• Would diminish the value of the regular season.
• An already-long season would have to be extended.
Would take more time away from acedemics.

Where It Stands

The current BCS contract runs through the 2010 bowl season, so we may not see a playoff system in major college football for quite some time.

Starting in January, 2007, the site of the game that served as the final BCS game on January 1 will now serve as the host facility of the new BCS National Championship game, which will be played on January 8.

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