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College Football

Keep up with college football news, scores, schedules, stats, and much more. These college football resources also explore the history of the game of at the collegiate level.
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Proposal Combines BCS and Playoff Format
Every year, the BCS nay-sayers attempt to articulate all of the reasons why the Bowl Championship Series is inadequate, unfair, or just plain ridiculous. This article offers a proposal that combines the best of the BCS and a playoff format.

BCS vs. Playoffs Debate
NCAA Division 1-A football is unique from all other sports in that it does not cap it's season with a playoff system designed to determine a champion. Check out the issues on both sides of the argument in the BCS vs. playoff debate.

Gays in the NFL Not Without Precedent, Nor Incident

NFL 2013: Biggest Disappointments
NFL 2013 Most Disappointing Teams

NFL Combine: The Losers
NFL Combine losers

NFL Draft 2014: Good Quarterback Prospects Available
Top quarterbacks in 2014 NFL draft

Top 10 NFL Draft Busts of All Time
Top 10 NFL draft busts in history

NFL Draft: Wide Receiver Bonanza
Top wide receivers in the NFL draft 2014

2014 NFL Draft: Cornerbacks are the Glory Boys Now
Top cornerbacks in the 2014 NFL draft

NFL Draft 2014: Reasons to Not Hyperventilate
Biggest rookie busts from the 2013 NFL draft

2014 Draft: The Young, the Fabulous and the Big, Fat Busts
Who will be great and who will be failures in the 2014 NFL draft first round

NFL Brain Trusts: Best and Worst
The best and worst teams in the NFL in the draft and free agency

2014 NFL Draft: Biggest Winners
Winners in the 2014 NFL draft

2014 NFL Draft: The Big Losers
The four biggest losers in the 2014 NFL draft

Which Rookie Quarterback is Most Likely to Succeed?
Rookie quarterbacks most likely to succeed in the NFL

Impressive Rookies
NFL's most impressive rookies thus far

Player Profile: Cam Newton
Player profile of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

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