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About Football's Fantasy Football Glossary


About Football's Fantasy Football Glossary defines all the common fantasy football terms associated with the game of fantasy football.

Used in place of a draft in leagues that use a salary cap. Instead of taking turns drafting players, teams bid on players with the highest bidder retaining rights to that player.

Bench Players
The players that are not in a team's starting lineup. Bench players stats do not count toward a team's final score.

Cheat Sheet
A cheat sheet is a ranking of players in terms of their fantasy potential. They are generally used to assist fantasy football players in their draft decisions by ranking players overall or by position.

Depth Chart
A list of all players on a team's roster, with rankings from starter to second and third-string players.

A process where fantasy team owners take turns selecting players to fill out their roster.

Fantasy Football
A game played by football fans in which participants draft their own team and compete with teams built by others. Scoring systems vary among fantasy football leagues, but most are based on points accumulated by players based on their real-life performance in a game on the same day.

Fantasy General Manager/Owner
The person who drafts, makes roster changes, and lineup changes for a particular fantasy football team.

Fantasy League
A group of fantasy football teams that compete against one another for a league championship. Fantasy leagues range in size, generally from six to 16 teams, and the rules can vary greatly from one league to another.

Free Agent
A player who was either not drafted or was released by another team and has cleared waivers.

Drafting the backup of one of your starters as insurance in case the starter is injured.

Injury Report
A listing of player's injuries along with their projected status for the next game.

Mock Draft
A projected draft used by fantasy team owners to help determine which round a player should be drafted.

Performance League
A fantasy league in which a player's yardage and touchdowns are factored into the scoring. Also referred to as a standard league.

A fantasy owners draft position. The order in which team's pick is predetermined and usually reverses from one round to the next.

A list of all players on a particular fantasy football team.

Scoring System
A predetermined formula for converting a player's real-life statistics into fantasy points.

Serpentine Draft
A style of draft where the order of selection is reversed each round. For example, the team that drafts last in the first round drafts first in the second round.

A player who is projected to exceed previous year's performances, making him a good value if he is drafted based on those prior performances.

A player who is projected to have a drop-off in production as compared to previous years, making him a bad value if he is drafted based on those prior performances.

Starting Lineup
The players a fantasy owner/GM chooses from his roster whose statistics will be counted in the scoring of a particular game.

The action of two or more team owners exchanging players.

The act of releasing a player from a team roster.

A list of players who were recently waived (released) by the team they played for. After being waived, a player is generally placed on waivers for a predetermined period of time. While on waivers, the team with the worst record usually has the first option of adding a player from waivers.

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