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Football 101

About Football offers a library of resources to help you better understand the game of football, from the basic rules to the complex game strategies commonly used. Resources included offer the basics and more of American football, Canadian football, and Arena Football.
  1. Common Questions (13)
  2. Football Positions (3)
  3. Football Procedures (5)
  4. Football Rules (13)
  5. Officiating (8)
  6. Penalties (5)
  7. Strategy (11)
  8. Youth Football (100)

Strength of Schedule
Guidelines for determining strength of schedule in the NFL.

The Basics of American Football
Pick up the basics of football, from the object of the game and the various ways to score, to the layout of the football field.

Football Glossary
A football glossary containing definitions of all common football terms.

What is a Football?
What is it made of? What does it look like? How big is it?

Football Videos
About.com's library of football videos will assist you in learning the game of football better, whether you are playing the game or just watching.

Newsletter Course: Three Steps to Learning the Basics of Football
The game of football can seem complicated, but it's really simple once you learn the basics. Sign up for this three-step email course, and we'll take you through the basics of the game in an easy to understand format. Each day, for three days, you will receive a lesson in your inbox that focuses on a specific aspect of the game. Before you know it, you'll be watching like a seasoned veteran!

How the NFL and Playoffs are Organized
With 32 teams, the NFL is divided into a series of conferences and divisions with the best performers in each advancing to the postseason.

Fantasy Football Basics
About Football's Fantasy Football 101 explains the basics of fantasy football. Topics include scoring, drafting a team, and selecting a lineup.

More Rules Won't Help Miami Dolphins Grow Up
Miami Dolphins NFL Report on Bullying Ted Wells

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