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Developing a Deeper Understanding of the Game of Football


Football is a very complex sport, but it is actually fairly easy to understand when explained properly. With that in mind, we'll take you -- both the beginner and novice -- through not only the very basics of football needed to gain a good understanding of the game, but we'll offer explanations of some of the more common strategy used. So if you don't know your tight end from your end zone, or if you're a little more advanced and wanting a better understanding of the West Coast offense or the Cover Two, we can help you out!
  1. Game and League Play
  2. Football Rules
  3. Football Positions
  1. Strategy
  2. NFL Procedures
  3. Officiating

Game and League Play

If you're new to football or the NFL, this breakdown of the basics will make it very easy to understand. We'll take you step by step through the system of downs used, the various ways to score, and define many of the terms associated with the game. We'll also give you a brief overview of how the NFL works, including the divisional setup and playoff format.

Football Rules

Explore summaries of the rules of the NFL, NCAA, Arena football and other football leagues with resources that highlight the basics. Also included are explanations of variations from traditional football rules.

Football Positions

This tutorial identifies and defines each of the basic football positions on offense and defense, as well as the specialized positions on special teams.


We hear terms like Cover Two, Zone Blitz, and West Coast offense tossed around all the time, but what exactly are these things? Check out many of the strategies and philosophies commonly used in football over the years.

NFL Procedures

Many of the procedures used in the National Football League, like tie-breaking formulas, scheduling procedures, and the uniform numbering system are explained in an easy-to-understand format.


Discover the differences in football officials, get instructions on how to become a football official, and explore other resources outlining the game's penalties and signals.

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