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Football History

About Football's football history section includes the history of football at every level, along with accounts of the sports early days. Check out tons of historical information on the players, teams, equipment, records, annual award winners, and much, much more!
  1. National Football League...
  2. National Football League...
  3. General Football History (8)
  4. Defunct Leagues (15)

Funny Football Quotes
Funny Football Quotes - About Football has put together a collection of funny football quotes.

College Football History
Follow the history of college football with annual awards, national champions, records, all-time leaders, legends of the game, and much more.

Arena Football History
Research Arena Football history, including some of the greatest players in AFL history, team histories, and more.

Canadian Football History
Trace the history of Canadian Football with these resources that include a general history of the game, annual awards, championships, and more.

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