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Five Life Lessons to Learn From Football


Five Life Lessons to Learn From Football
John Martinez Pavliga/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Someday, your son will move out of the house (we hope) and pursue a career.   The statistics show that his career most likely won’t be in football.  But are there some life lessons that the game of football can help you transfer to your son?  Are there any lasting benefits to this 100-year-old game?  Definitely.  Here are a few to ponder.


Football requires a pretty unique brand of teamwork.  When you’re a part of a football team (sometimes with up to 90 other players), understanding your role and that of your teammates is critical.  Trusting them to do their job is also of utmost importance.  Even guys on the 2nd and 3rd string play a definitive role that helps the overall group.  The emotional ups and downs that a team will experience help to build trust over time. 


Football requires the player to discipline himself and to work hard.   There is also a beautiful life lesson in the scrutiny and evaluation process.  From high school on up, every move in practice and games is evaluated by coaches and fellow players through film.  This is a wonderful thing, because it allows for growth and accountability.  As his parent, you’ve been evaluating him since birth.  It helps him to have other mentors and friends evaluating his performance.  This is like life, where if we hope to improve and grow, we have to take responsibility for that growth, and surround ourselves with people who can help.


Football provides a variety of challenges that will test (and help to build) your son’s perseverance. He loses a big game. He doesn’t make 1st team. He misses a play that results in a touchdown for the other team.  He struggles as other players develop strength and quickness before he does. These are all things that will challenge your son emotionally, and might tempt him to quit. But if he sticks with it, there will be a payoff in the end.  You’re the parent.  You see what he doesn’t, so help him through those things.

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