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Defensive Back Positions - What is a Defensive Back?


Defensive backs, known collectively as the secondary, are the four or five defensive football players that are charged with pass coverage and run support after the pass threat is gone. They are unquestionably the fastest and quickest members of the defensive unit. They have to communicate well with each other as they determine the pass strength of the formation. They have to adjust as the offense runs motion and formation changes to ensure that they're in the best position possible to stop the big pass plays during the game.

The secondary is like a small team within a team, as are the linebackers and defensive linemen. A fast, versatile, physical secondary is critical to the success of a football team.

Below, you will find specific information about how to play each of the main positions in the defensive backfield:

How to Play Free Safety
How to Play Strong Safety
How to Play Cornerback
How to Play Nickel Back

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