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NFL Draft

The NFL Draft has become almost a season unto itself, and About Football has put together a ton of resources designed to explain, predict, review, and analyze the NFL draft. Featured are tons of NFL Draft resources including, but not limited to NFL mock drafts, NFL Draft basics, NFL Draft history, NFL Draft prospects, positional rankings, team needs, and more!

So if you're one of the millions of draftniks now combing the Internet for quality NFL Draft content, we've got you covered. All NFL Draft information is original and based on our latest in-depth scouting. And best of all, it's all free!

  1. Prospect Profiles (73)
  2. Positional Rankings (21)
  3. Draft Basics & Procedures (3)
  4. NFL Draft History (38)
  5. NFL Draft Discussions (4)

2011 NFL Draft Information
Date, time, television, and more for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Putrid Pickers: Losers in the 2013 NFL Draft
12013 NFL draft losers

Geno Smith Leads Weak Field of Quarterbacks Into NFL Draft
Top Five NFL Draft Quarterback Prospects

2013 NFL Draft: In This Corner, the Winners
NFL draft winners

2012 NFL Mock Draft
About Football's 2012 NFL mock draft offers a prediction of this year's NFL Draft!

Need A Ball Catcher? NFL Teams Have Plenty of Choices in NFL Draft
top five wide receivers available in 2013 NFL draft

Hot Rookies
NFL rookie minicamp stars

2012 NFL Draft Information
Check the date of the 2012 NFL Draft along with the time, location, and ticket information.

Plenty of Runners to Go Around in NFL Draft
Top five running backs in NFL draft

Studs and Duds at the NFL Combine
Best performances at the 2013 NFL Combine

Declared Underclassmen
About Football lists all the underclassmen who have declared their intentions of entering the NFL Draft.

Top NFL Draft Prospects
About Football ranks the top college football prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Theft, Larceny and Armed Robbery: Draft Day Steals
Draft Steals in 2013 NFL draft

NFL Draft Order
About Football provides the order of selection for the 2012 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Trivia
Take a stab at this trivia quiz of ten questions regarding the basics and history of the NFL Draft.

Draft News & Rumors
About Football brings you all the latest news and rumors related to the NFL Draft and free agency.

Traded NFL Draft Picks
About Football tracks all the traded NFL Draft picks for the 2011 NFL Draft.

NFL: A Little More Attention to the Game Itself, Please
NFL needs to pay more attention to game itself

Learn to Evaluate NFL Draft Prospects
This email course takes you through the basics of scouting football players for the NFL Draft.

NFL’s Top 10 Rookies

NFL 2013: Biggest Disappointments
NFL 2013 Most Disappointing Teams

NFL Combine Winners
Winners at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine

NFL Combine: The Losers
NFL Combine losers

No Saviors Among Free Agent Quarterbacks
Best free agent quarterbacks in the NFL 2014

Free Agent Defensive Linemen Going Like Hot Cakes!
top free agent defensive linemen 2014

Player Profile: Richard Sherman

NFL Draft 2014: Good Quarterback Prospects Available
Top quarterbacks in 2014 NFL draft

NFL Draft: Wide Receiver Bonanza
Top wide receivers in the NFL draft 2014

Grand Theft: Top 10 Steals in NFL Draft History
Top 10 NFL draft steals of all time-

2014 NFL Draft: Cornerbacks are the Glory Boys Now
Top cornerbacks in the 2014 NFL draft

Mock Draft: Who Teams SHOULD Draft
2014 NFL mock draft

NFL Draft 2014: Reasons to Not Hyperventilate
Biggest rookie busts from the 2013 NFL draft

2014 Draft: The Young, the Fabulous and the Big, Fat Busts
Who will be great and who will be failures in the 2014 NFL draft first round

NFL Brain Trusts: Best and Worst
The best and worst teams in the NFL in the draft and free agency

2014 NFL Draft: Biggest Winners
Winners in the 2014 NFL draft

2014 NFL Draft: The Big Losers
The four biggest losers in the 2014 NFL draft

Which Rookie Quarterback is Most Likely to Succeed?
Rookie quarterbacks most likely to succeed in the NFL

Who Brings the Biggest Circus to Town: Michael Sam or Tim Tebow?
Michael Sam's entry as the first openly gay player in the NFL has been woefully mismanaged

Impressive Rookies
NFL's most impressive rookies thus far

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