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Brandon Meriweather


Positional Rankings: QB RB FB WR TE OT OG C - DE DT ILB OLB S CB - K P

Position: Safety

School: Miami (FL)

Status: Senior

Height: 6-0

Weight: 190

40-Yard Dash: 4.55 (EST)


Few defensive backs have had such a well-rounded career. Brandon Meriweather has been a contributor to the Miami defense since the day he walked onto the field. He mastered the dime and nickelback positions early in his career. By 2005 Meriweather’s heads-up coverage, hard hitting, and excellent tackling ability (team leader in tackles) earned him All American honors.
Tackling is by long and far his greatest strength. However, the Miami DB has a great knack for being around the ball. He does well when asked to blitz and also holds his own in pass coverage.

In October, due to a plethora of injuries, Meriweather was asked to move from strong safety and start at corner. During that time he matched up against the best receiver in the country in Calvin Johnson. The converted corner held Johnson to five catches for 68 yards and one touchdown. While Miami has struggled all season long Meriweather and the defense have been one of the few bright spots on the team.


Meriweather has struggled with his behavior on and off the field. If there’s a weakness in his coverage ability it’s the number of penalties he draws. Meriweather was also a major part of the brawl with LSU during the 2005 Peach Bowl.

The following summer he found himself in the middle of a firefight. When one of his teammates was struck, Meriweather pulled out his weapon and fired repeatedly at the assailants.

The icing on the cake was his participation in the brawl with Florida International University just this fall. His role in the melee earned him a suspension from the next game.


Brandon Meriweather has an unbelievable upside and he is a carbon copy of his old teammate Sean Taylor. Unfortunately, Meriweather has also mirrored Taylor in conduct. Last year’s draft saw the NFL general managers clamp down hard on players with personal problems. However, his ability and Miami’s defensive pedigree earns Meriweather first-round consideration.
There is no doubting Meriweather’s talent. He’s an unbelievable run stopper and can run with the best receivers in the game. He has cover ability but it’s still a little raw and to scrappy. In the long run, the only thing preventing Meriweather from being one of the best defensive backs in the country is himself.


Mid to Late First Round

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