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Reggie Nelson


Positional Rankings: QB RB FB WR TE OT OG C - DE DT ILB OLB S CB - K P

Position: Safety

School: Florida

Status: Junior

Height: 6-0

Weight: 205

40-Yard Dash: 4.45 (EST)


Nelson is a true NFL prospect at safety in this day and age, featuring the gift to either come up to the line of scrimmage and punish a runner, or to drop into coverage as though he was a corner, and very often punishes the receiver. Such a combination of talent is rare in a safety, and it will make him coveted come draft day. Add that to a seeming gift for blocking punts, and you've got a real playmaker.
Nelson is incredibly instinctual, and always seems to be around the ball as a result. He very often seems to just float over to the ball to make a play. Nelson is also a true leader both on and off the field, a trait much sought after in the increasingly character-driven NFL.


Reggie's size is somewhat of an issue, and some wonder if he'll be able to stand up to a full NFL season's worth of pounding, especially with how physically he plays. He's not a great leaper, which could become an issue at the professional level with how tall receivers and tight ends seem to be getting. Also, Nelson bites on the play-action pass a little too often, and frequently gets caught well out of position on those plays, which are a lot more common in the NFL than they are in college.


Reggie Nelson is an incredible prospect, and deserves to be right up there with LaRon Landry of LSU in the discussion of the draft's best safety. A leader and a playmaker, Nelson will make any team happy to have him. Expect to see him picked in the top half of the first round.

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