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Super Bowl Trivia

About Football has put together this collection of Super Bowl Trivia quizzes to test your knowledge of Super Bowl history. Several of the trivia quizzes focus on a theme, such as records, MVPs, and stadiums, but many of them offer a variety of Super Bowl Trivia.

The Records
Try these ten trivia questions based on Super Bowl records.

Super Bowl Potpourri
A potpourri of general Super Bowl knowledge. These trivia questions may relate to any and all aspects of the Super Bowl.

Random Action
More random Super Bowl trivia questions.

Grab Bag
Pull another set of ten Super Bowl trivia questions out of the grab bag.

The Teams
Ten questions about the NFL's super teams.

The MVPs
A Super Bowl quiz with an MVP theme. Can you answer these questions about former Super Bowl MVPs?

Super Stadiums
Let's see how much you know about the stadiums the big games have been played in.

Super Leaders
This Super Bowl trivia quiz focuses on the coaches and owners of Super Bowl teams.

Super Bowl Roundup
The final Super Bowl trivia quiz rounds up another set of random Super Bowl trivia.

The Players
Finally, we focus on the players!

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