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Player Profile: Tim Tebow


Player Profile: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Jeff Kern

The Basics

Name: Tim Tebow

College: University of Florida

Born: 8-14-87

Number: 15

Height: 6-3

Weight: 236

NFL status: Backup quarterback, various positions for New York Jets

The Lowdown

After one of the most celebrated careers in college football history, Tebow's arrival in the NFL was greeted with as much fanfare as skepticism. A very atypical NFL quarterback, a big, lefthander who would rather throw than run, Tebow has stirred great passion among the fans with his tendency to rally from late deficits, but he's also had difficulty convincing coaches he can be a long-term pro quarterback.

He has even taken criticism from his own New York Jets teammates, some of whom have said he never should have even been considered for the starting quarterback job. Other teammates rallied behind him, saying his leadership skills and running ability gave him an inspirational advantage and that he should at least been given a chance with the Jets.

By the Numbers

Tebow was used in several different ways with the Jets, and he remained a backup for the entire season, so his stats are necessarily slim at this point. But, in two seasons and 23 games with Denver, Tebow threw 169 completions in 356 attempts for 2,415 yards and 17 touchdowns. He was intercepted nine times, and his completion rate was 47.5. His overall quarterback rating for his time in the NFL thus far is 75.3.

Career Highlight

Tebow started his NFL career in 2010 as a Bronco backup, but started his last three games as a rookie. He started 2010 again as a backup, but then became the starter with his team an abysmal 1-4. He proceeded to lead the Broncos to the AFC West title and their first playoff appearance since 2005. Six times in 11 starts he led the Broncos to comeback wins in which the Broncos scored the winning points either in the fourth quarter or overtime.

2012-2013 Outlook

The Jets initially said they wanted to exploit Tebow's rare combination of size, strength and athleticism by using him at different positions in the offense and special teams. However, he remained a backup to the mediocre Mark Sanchez, even when Sanchez was benched: Jets coach Rex Ryan opted for the team's third-string quarterback over Tebow. After the season, Tebow admitted he was disappointed with how he was used by the Jets, but stopped short of criticizing Ryan or others Jets' officials. Jets' owner Woody Johnson told the media after the end of the regular season that Tebow was "forced" on him. It is believed he will almost certainly be traded or cut by the Jets.

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