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Football Trivia & Games

About Football tests your knowledge of football with these football trivia quizzes covering everything from general football trivia to the Super Bowl.
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NFL Draft Trivia
Take a stab at this trivia quiz of ten questions regarding the basics and history of the NFL Draft.

USFL Football Trivia
The USFL attempted to give the NFL a run for its money, but lasted just a few short years. Let's see just how much you remember.

NFL Player Nickname Trivia
A short multiple choice quiz based on some famous, and not-so famous, player nicknames!

NFL Helmet Trivia
This NFL football trivia quiz tests your knowledge of NFL football helmets. See how observant you are when you watch NFL football games.

NFL 2000 Trivia
The year 2000 was an exciting year for the NFL. Test your memory with this trivia based on the 2000 season.

NFL 1999 Trivia
See how much you remember from the '99 season by testing yourself with this trivia quiz. Keep track of how many clicks it takes you to get through the 10 multiple-choice questions and on to the exit.

Two Minute Football 3-D
The clock is ticking down to the two-minute warning! How many touchdowns can you score before time ends? About lets you give it a trial run for free!

Touchdown Madness
Two minutes left and only a touchdown will win it! You call the plays and manage the clock in this thrilling offense-only football arcade game. Try it free!

Arizona Cardinals Trivia
Test your knowledge of the Cardinals with this ten-question trivia quiz!

NFL Trivia - Teams on the Move
Ten questions related to the movement of NFL franchises throughout the years!

Atlanta Falcons Trivia
This quiz will test the knowledge of any football trivia buff with an array of questions covering the players, coaches, and even the mascot of the Falcons franchise.

Buffalo Bills Trivia
How much do you know about the Buffalo Bills?

Here's How the NFL Can Improve Its Declining Image
How the NFL Can Improve Its Image

Baltimore Ravens Trivia
Test your knowledge of the Baltimore Ravens!

NFL Trivia Break
Take a break.... grab yourself a Coke and some chips and test your knowledge with this quiz featuring ten random NFL trivia questions.

NFL Trivia Break II
It's break time again, so put on your thinking helmet, kick back and relax, and take About Football's latest trivia challenge.

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